Bryant Koh is a full-time musician based in Singapore, specializing in the union of piano and beatboxing (vocal percussion). Improvising upon original themes inspired by his life and travels, his music takes you on an auditory adventure, with every performance never being quite the same.

He was trained in Classical piano since he was six, and subsequently in Jazz under the guidance of Mr. Victor Pillay. An explorer at heart, he continually craves for new music, styles, methods, and ways to perform. This ultimately led him to combine beatboxing (an art-form he picked up in his teenage years from his childhood friend, Dharni Ng) with the piano.

Prior to unifying the two art-forms, Bryant won several local beatboxing competitions, making a name for himself in the scene and securing a seat on the judges panel at several subsequent championships such as:

- Singapore International Beatboxing Competition in August 2010, organized by The Accappella Society of Singapore

- Lion City Beatbox Championships in February 2016, organized by Firebridge Studios

When not performing or practicing, Bryant spends his time composing and arranging original music. He enjoys both orchestral and electronic music, and produces music that unifies these two genres into what he calls "Orchestronic". Fascinated by how a theme can be transformed in various ways, he has both live acoustic and orchestronic versions of his music. They sound vastly different, but convey the same theme.

In 2017, Bryant started collaborating with his decade-long friend, Elisa Liu, an expressionist painter who specializes in ink and acrylic paints. After creating a couple of compositions inspired by her paintings, the both of them were accepted into a residency program at the Red Gate Gallery in Beijing in May 2018.

There, they put together a live performance merging his improvised music with her live painting, culminating in an audio-visual treat for the audience. This marked a major milestone in their collaboration. The duo decided to improve upon this concept and work towards bringing their unique performance to the global stage.

Lion City Beatbox Championships, Judge's Showcase, February 2016

Lion City Beatbox Championships, Judge's Showcase, February 2016