During the 2020 pandemic, I set out to learn all of Bach's 15 Inventions, and at the same time I was learning about wavetable synthesis. This album is the combination of both pursuits. The beauty in Bach's fugues is that they are made by two melodies harmoniously intertwining, and I decided to separate each melody to the left and right speakers.

I created a unique synthesized sound for each of the 15 pieces, giving them a character I believe would fit the piece. Try using headphones or earphones for an auditory experience like no other!

Cosmic Odyssey

This albumĀ  is a story inspired by my reflections on the beauty and unpredictability of life. It is divided into two sections.

The first trilogy after the prelude represents a journey though darkness into light. It is my hope that the music will light the way for those who are lost.

The second section following the intermission takes us though several soundscapes. Enjoy the adventure as we set sail upon cosmic winds, over capricious seas, amongst the infinite stars and between whimsical mountains.